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reConnectED is an interactive online platform centered around making health a lifestyle by participating in the process of creating healthy, tasty meals while building a community of advocates, empowerment, and support.

Our Why

“When I liberate myself, I liberate others.” ~ Fannie Lou Hamer

After experiencing the failures of a fractured healthcare system, Millette McLin embarked on a journey of self-healing that caused her to examine everything she put in, on and around her body. Shunning her doctor’s advice to have a full hysterectomy at the age of 19, Millette made a conscious decision to advocate for herself and her overall wellbeing to combat uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst, being 60 lbs overweight and a litany of other health-related issues. 

After two years of holistic living that included a change in diet, stress management and a habit remix, Millette was able to reverse all of her previously diagnosed ailments. Upon realizing that she wasn’t the only one struggling to lead a healthy and balanced life, she made it her life’s mission to educate others on the healing properties of food while abolishing such phrases as “it runs in the family.”

Born Odessa and raised in Sherman, TX, Millette has hosted numerous health workshops, spent countless hours sharpening her food knowledge and has inspired a community of “Kale’ians.”

With a clarity of purpose steeped in service, Millette is poised to make a significant impact in the wellness community as CEO and Founder of reConnectED. Through informative workshops, personal coaching and community support, this liberating truth-teller is committed to using her solution-focused approach to empower future generations to improve their relationship with food. 

When she isn’t cultivating new ways for individuals to reclaim their lives, Millette enjoys getting her hands dirty, dancing for good food, spending time with her amazingly brilliant husband, Anthony McLin II, and being 2nd Mom-in-Command.  

What We Do

Answering the question “What’s for dinner?” using healthy, tasty meals through menus filled with tips & tricks. 

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